All of my life I have believed that the United Sates is the freest nation in the world, a unique and blessed nation, and that to have been born here is a stroke of good fortune to be acknowledged and cherished.  Multitudes from around the entire world want to live here.  Some will achieve their dream of living here and even work their way to becoming citizens.  Granted, some have had it better than others, and injustices do exists here, for we do not live in a perfect  world.  Not even close.

     I recently expressed my beliefs to a young adult and the person was taken aback at my viewpoint, as though it were patently obvious that the United States of America was built upon evil.  I  was astonished at the reaction.  I still am.

     There lurks in this country today--emanating from our college classrooms and Leftist media--a dangerous and growing misconception of our history, and a vile distortion of those who founded it two and a half centuries ago.  The forces which seek to spread their pernicious doctrine do not have good intentions for this nation as founded.  Quite simply, the goal seems clearly to be to turn us against each other.  Many who spout anti-USA propaganda do not realize the motive behind what they have come to believe.  I believe some of these misguided young people have truly been duped into believing they are reaching for a higher morality.  

     The architects of the US Constitution with it's Bill of Rights set forth ideas and ideals that were far ahead of their time, some of which they KNEW flew in the face of accepted behaviors of their day--and flew in the face of some of their OWN actions.  This does not make them evil hypocrites.  It means that they believed mankind could do better. In the late 1700s slavery and indentured servitude was the norm all over the world.   Yet over the centuries we as Americans have made great strides towards living up to their enlightened goal.

     There are powerful forces at play in what we see going on around us today.  The continued existence of this beacon of liberty which we call the United States of America is not to their liking or advantage.  We must speak up and stand up for this nation.  The morality which the mob claims as their mantle is self-defeating, and illusory.  For if this nation breaks apart again, it may never be resurrected, and the world will have lost it's best hope for the freedom of man.

     When asked after the Constitutional Convention what form of government had been created, Benjamin Franklin's famous response was said to have been, "A Republic, if you can keep it".  We shall see, perhaps in my children's lifetime, whether we can.