On Mandates and Liberty

The "Delta Variant' of the original Coronavirus is waning.  Cases across the US are trending down precipitously.  A large majority of the country has been fully voluntarily vaccinated against the virus.  This virus scares people, and it should.  There is no convincing argument against getting vaccinated of your own volition.  Although it is widely accepted that the overwhelming majority of people who contract COVID-19 are mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic, those who are susceptible to the virus for known and unknown reasons obviously can become gravely ill, and possibly tragically succumb to it.

     Why, then, would anyone not just go out and get vaccinated?  Better safe than sorry, right?  That is a valid argument.

     There is, however, another perspective.  

     It generally goes like this:  Our federal government is pushing poorly tested vaccines for the Pharmaceutical Industry because it is in bed with Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson.  The initiative out of Washington, DC to inoculate the entire country does not consider the natural immunity acquired by the tens of millions of Americans who likely have already contracted the virus without knowing it, since they had no symptoms or just common cold type symptoms that came and went.  While the federal government is footing Big Pharma's bill for each and every vaccination, the definitive antibody test (the T-Cell Test) costs you $150 out of pocket.  The federal government is completely unconcerned that it is obviously paying for vaccination of many millions of people who already have superior antibodies, and admits that it has no idea how getting an unnecessary jab will affect them in the long run. There are cities in this country which now require a "Vaccine Card" to enter any indoor space other than your own home, in spite of the fact that it is admitted that vaccinated people CAN and DO contract and transmit the virus.  Note that there is no "Antibodies Card".   

     A rational person can surely be of the opinion that it is entirely possible that he or she may never contract the virus, so why expose yourself to a poorly vetted vaccine which was rushed to market to enrich the pharmaceutical houses? 

     The entire issue of vaccines has been steeped in politics from the beginning, when VP candidate Kamala Harris declared last fall that she would never trust a vaccine which was fast-tracked under the Trump Administration--which of course it WAS-- and has been available since last December, beginning with front line health care workers.  In 2020 we endured lockdowns which ruined people's lives and destroyed a vibrant economy, and to this day there is no data or study which indicates that it did any good at all.  Our government has not admitted it, and the CDC has lied since the beginning regarding it's knowledge of the virus' origins in the Wuhan Virology lab.  The "science" of masks is an unproven joke, more of a control exercise than anything else.  If there is a trust deficit about the honesty and trustworthiness of information regarding COVID-19, it should come as no surprise.

     It is an obvious fact that the long term consequences of a COVID-19 vaccine which was rushed to market cannot be known, yet the FDA refuses to endorse Ivermectin for off-label use for COVID-19, in spite of the fact that it has been used for many decades to treat other maladies in humans.  Why?  I personally know people who had worsening cases of COVID-19 and were prescribed Ivermectin.  They swear it saved their lives.  The FDA doesn't want to hear about it.  Now we see that Merck has produced a pill that it claims reduces hospitalizations and deaths by 50%.  No one makes much money off Ivermectin.  Cha-ching cha-ching.

     Whichever position you've adopted and however you see all this, there is one overarching principle at stake, more important in my humble opinion than anything else, and that is your unadulterated right to choose whether to take ANY vaccine or medicine without being treated as a second class citizen.  Mandates are being pushed on the private sector and being shoved down the throats of government employees.  It is your liberty on the line.  Liberty is our most precious and unique possession.  It is the bedrock of this nation, not compliance. It is constantly having to be defended, now more than ever before.    Whatever you choose to do--and it is YOUR CHOICE--we as Americans must speak out in defense of our liberty, and recognize the threat to our liberty, or it shall not survive.  That is not hyperbole.  I only wish it were.