CNN | Chicago’s Troubles

A rare CNN article on the deadly violence in Chicago, buried as usual far down in the scrolling.  As Americans are inundated with non-stop 24/7 media coverage of the George Floyd court case in Minneapolis--and with hype about the predictable riots in response to whatever verdict may result from Officer Derek Chauvin's trial--the inexorable March of death in the streets of Chicago's south side is easy to ignore.  The continuing carnage in what has been a weekly bloodbath of African Americans for many years in those neighborhoods is difficult to find in the liberal legacy media.  Black lives matter to me, and black lives matter to you, but obviously they do not matter to CNN.  What DOES matter to CNN and their ilk is dividing people and stirring up trouble.  At this very moment TV anchors are on the scene salivating with wild-eyed anticipation at the thought of covering yet another round of riots, arson, and lawlessness which they will call social justice "protests" while they feign empathy and babble about killer cops and White Supremacy.  Do not misunderstand--whatever the jury decides in the George Floyd case will need to be respected by all Americans.  We must not to be a nation of mob rule. Do not, however, lose sight of the reality of the thousands upon thousands of people of color slaughtered in neighborhoods in America's cities by fellow people of color--from innocent elderly folks down to infants.  Remembering how little Black Lives Matter gives a hoot about that shines a revealing light on the lie which is their name.  They could not care LESS about black lives, unless it fits their lying narrative of White Supremacist cops slaughtering America's minorities.

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