I do not agree with a fair amount of what Craig Harvey of Newsweek Magazine has to say in his opinion article, in which he quotes out-dated numbers on violence against Asian Americans.  He admits, to his credit, that he offers no statistics beyond 2014.  Think back seven  years--an awful lot has changed since then, to put it mildly.  AND, if we are going to ignore the race of those who attack Asians, then stop blaming it on “White Supremacists”. But the media LOVES the “White Supremacist” narrative and pushes it constantly, because they believe they can falsely hang it around President Trump’s legacy. This despite the fact that Trump is not a “White Supremacist”, and never has been. Hate is hate, people. Simple as that.  Political expediency and the legacy media's obsession with race identity serves only to divide us.  It has only been since the massage parlor massacres in Atlanta last month that fighting Anti-Asian violence has become a cause trumpeted in the headlines, and this is despite the inconvenient denials of any racial motivation of the sex addict who perpetrated the heinous crimes and happens to be White.  I have noticed--haven't you?--that whenever an Asian is brutally attacked and the race of the attacker is withheld in the text of an article that it almost always is the case that the attacker was not White.  This is why the media will not let go of the racial motivation theory they are pushing in the Atlanta case.  If we are ever to attain a post-racial mindset in society, the legacy media needs to KNOCK IT OFF.    https://www.newsweek.com/stop-blaming-black-people-anti-asian-hate-opinion-1577887

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