Epoch Times Newspaper Shatters Media Propaganda

When the New York Times accuses a newspaper of being a "Giant Influence Machine", please forgive me if I struggle for words to adequately convey the hypocrisy.  Just exactly what is the Gray Old Lady afraid of?

     The Epoch Times, founded in China in 1992 and now published around the world and available in print and online in dozens of languages, is dedicated to speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as Communism in all it's stealthy disguises--including that precursor to it, namely Socialism.  As such, it is wished to be singularly ignored by the legacy media, and failing that, it is slandered peremptorily as a nefarious influence in national and world politics.  It can be stipulated that the New York Times is, in fact. an authority on that subject.  One waits in vain, for example, for a retraction of the legacy media's giant conspiracy theory of Trump-Russia Collusion, which was thoroughly debunked by the Mueller Report. 

     President Trump was excoriated in the press as a "racist" for calling COVID-19 the "China Virus" and the "Wuhan Virus".  The Epoch Times newspaper has consistently referred to it throughout the pandemic as the "CCP Virus" (Chinese Communist Party Virus).  Of course, all these monikers are completely accurate.  The truth, however, is irrelevant to the legacy media when it stands in the way of anti-Trump and anti-Right propaganda.

     The Epoch Times refreshingly supports anti-Communist movements around the globe, and, regarding this country, correctly sees the United States of America as a bulwark against the totalitarian enslavement which Communism brings with it--a bulwark that must not be sacrificed on the alter of the Left's agenda.  

     In the face of Big Tech's assault on the First Amendment and the Democratic Party's frightening and dangerous agenda of destroying America's national sovereignty and undermining the US Constitution's safeguards of liberty, I fervently hope that you regularly read the Epoch Times and form your own opinions about it's content.  You may find it is like opening a window and letting the fresh air sweep away the stench of the relentless garbage in the media. THAT, of course, is what the "mainstream media" colluders fear most.   


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