Who Are The Insurrectionists?

     Beginning in May 2020, riots, arson, and mayhem racked this country on nearly a daily basis.  American flags were spat upon and burned, federal courthouses were firebombed, and violent mobs besieged the White House and set fire to surrounding buildings.  Any resistance by law enforcement to this was characterized by the Trump-despising media as Trump's brown-shirted jackbooted white supremacist thugs and as evidence that he was a fascist dictator.  During these "mostly peaceful protests" which were applauded as "social justice 'demonstrations'-- while entire downtowns in American cities were destroyed--the Leftwing media lionized the perpetrators and the violent organizations which financed them and supplied the transportation, the pallets of bricks, and the truckloads of Molotov cocktails to sow destruction up to the very doorstep of our country's seat of government.  From Hilary Clinton on down to the commentators at CNN, MSNBC, etc., Donald Trump's Presidency was denounced as "illegitimate", claiming without any basis that President Trump was a Russian stooge put into the White House by Russian President Vladimir Putin.  

     All of this was as American as apple pie.

     But on January 6th, 2021, after a very questionable election to say the least, a frustrated throng of unarmed citizens whose grievances the courts refused to even hear, let alone consider on the merits, walked down Pennsylvania Avenue after a speech by President Trump in which he directed his gathered supporters to peacefully protest, went to the Capitol Building and trespassed into the legislature's chamber, many ushered into the building by the Capitol Police themselves.  An ugly state of affairs, to be sure.  Yet other than a broken window no violence was perpetrated, hundreds of trespassers were arrested, and so little damage was done that our legislature was back in session mere hours later, certifying the election of Joseph Biden as President.  The only death that day?  A Capitol Police Officer shot a decorated Air Force veteran who was climbing in a broken window, killing her.  The woman, Ashli Babbitt, was unarmed, and the name of the Capitol Police Officer who shot her has yet to be released.

     The events of January 6th, 2021, are now routinely referred to as an "insurrection".  

     Some insurrection.  Unarmed.  No fires set.  And the lasting shame of it is that the Left now has these events to tar anyone who questions anything about the election last fall with shouts of "Insurrection!".  Perhaps, in hindsight, it would have served Trumps supporters and their cause much better if they had torched cities for six months and firebombed federal courthouses, since apparently the media believes that is just fine.  

     Of course, neither I nor anyone on the Right in this country who is in their right mind would advocate, let alone carry out, such destructive acts.  This is because of a simple fact:  the Right LOVES this country.  The Left, meanwhile, burns and riots and destroys with impunity.

     Why is this the case?  Answer:  The Left at the bottom of it all HATES this country.  The Left considers the very founding of this nation to be an act of evil, this nation occupies stolen land, was founded on white supremacy, is irredeemably corrupted.  As such, it must be done away with, root and branch.  This is what Critical Race Theory is all about.  So, fling open the southern border--we stole the southwestern USA from Mexico anyway, and we have no right to it.  Federalize national elections de facto by ignoring our racist constitution and the rights it gives individual states.  Scrap the Electoral College, which Obama called a "relic of Jim Crow" (it isn't).  Pack the Supreme Court with so many more Justices that it becomes akin to a second legislative body, elected by no one, thwarting the separation of powers enshrined so wisely in our US Constitution.  

     THIS, my friends, truly is insurrection.  Speak out against it.  Do not be silenced.  Your voice matters, and is needed now more than ever.