New York Times | Voting Rights Nonsense in Michigan

     "Limit" voting rights?   No, not in Georgia, this one's above the Mason-Dixon line.  The implication is that voting rights should be "UN-limited"....Michigan--that state now more famous for voting fraud than for the Ford Motor Company--is on the verge of implementing quite reasonable rules as to how and when and where votes are to be cast in public elections.  The same hue and cry erupting in Georgia is now in the air up north....VOTER SUPPRESSION!  JIM CROW!  REPUBLICANS THREATENING DEMOCRACY!  It is a tired refrain.  Pandemic rules which expanded mail-in voting and drop boxes are now expected by the Left to be not only permanent, but expanded upon...."A Drop Box Must Now Be on Every Corner!"  "Voters Must Have MONTHS to Vote Beforehand!"  "NO IDs Required!"  "No Signature Verification". On and on.  A freewheeling Wild West of voting chaos--and the more, the better.  You say these crazy ideas are not vulnerable to fraud?  There is no proof that voter fraud even exists?  My friend, the proof of voter fraud in November 2020 is sitting in the White House nodding off all afternoon behind the Resolute Desk--while Kamala Harris runs the show.  But if one supports levelheaded voting rules that merely require an ID and a signature, you are advocating voter suppression, you fascist!!

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