Why Did the Police Pull Me Over?

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     No motorist I have ever met enjoys being pulled over by a Law Enforcement Officer.  None of us look in the rear view mirror when we see the flashing red and blue lights and exclaims "Great!"  One valid reason in my home state of Pennsylvania for getting stopped behind the wheel is if the Law Enforcemenr Officer sees anything dangling from your mirror--it is a violation of the Motor Vehicle Code as an obstruction of your view of the road and other traffic and pedestrians who are present.  I have lectured all my offspring not to give a Law Enforcement Officer a ready-made "excuse" to pull them over.  It does not, however, mean that you are being harassed or that the Police Officer is out being predatory.  It means you are encountering a cop carrying out his sworn duty to enforce the law.  Cooperate.  Be polite and respectful.  And, obviously, do not get on the Officer's case and berate him or her for having the nerve to bother you.  Remember when people hear someone kicking in their basement window at 2:30 AM and call the Police, this person who just pulled you over is sworn to put their life on the line to protect you and your loved ones.  
     You can avoid being "hassled" by merely hanging the damned air freshener on the dashboard, Einstein!  Not rocket science...But if you do get pulled over for any reason, be sure to thank the Officer for coming to work that day.  He or she never knows when a illegally hung air freshener will lead them to a felon with a rap sheet and a history of committing crimes with a gun.